Back to USSR

Do you know that Belarus is called “Soviet reserve”? The Soviet Union does not exist for more than quarter of century, but in Belarus you will be able to find in many respects Soviet way of life. To see it, it is not necessary to go to special cultural reservations! You only need to cross the border of Belarus! This is a journey you will never forget!

Vilnius Relax Team offers you unique and unforgettable program of a trip to Belarus! No one else will show you this!


„Back to USSR“ + Guided tour with a local (3 days, 2 nights) 
The basic package includes: 
 - Accompaniment of English speaking guides;
 - Train tickets “Vilnius-Minsk-Vilnius”;
 - Minsk sightseeing tour (including Stalin’s Empire style in architecture, Lenin Monument, KGB);
- “Guided tour with a local” (visits to Komarovskiy market, National Library, GUM/CUM (state and central department stores), bedroom suburb, trips in public transport, lunch in traditional workman’s canteen);
 - Guided tour to the memorial complex Kurapaty – site of crimes of Soviet political repressions against Belarusians;
 - Trip to small towns, villages and kolkhozs (collective farms);
 - Guided tour to historical and cultural complex “Stalin Line”;
 - Traditional  vodka tasting;
 - Rental of Soviet car (retro car);
- Visit to circus;
 - Transport.


Vilnius Relax hint!
If you want to fully fill the atmosphere of the Soviet past we recommend you to come to the country on national holidays of Belarus:  May 9  – Victory Day and July 3 – Independence Day. 

2-3 persons:  390 / 290 euro per person 
4-7 persons:  250 / 180 euro per person
8-12 persons:  180 / 155 euro per person
13-18 persons: 150 / 135 euro per person
20-50 persons:  negotiated price 

We will book a hotel or apartments for you! 
3 stars – 90-110 euro per room per night;
4 stars – 140-150 euro per room per night;
Apartment – 75-115 euro per room per night. 

In addition, you can book:
Reservation of tables in cafes, restaurants, bars and clubs in Minsk; reservation of tickets to opera, cinema, theatres and museums; SPA and massage; paintball, airsoft, laser tag, shooting, go-cart racing, horseback riding and other entertainments! 

You don’t have visa? It is not a problem! We can help you to get visa to Belarus in Vilnius! Visa price – 135 euro (visa will be issued in 2 working days) + insurance. 

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