Dinner in the Sky Vilnius


Dinner at the top of Vilnius TV tower is a great opportunity to diversify your leisure time in Vilnius. Vilnius Relax Tour team gladly invites you to the restaurant "Milky Way".

Milky Way is a restaurant which is the only one in Lithuania scenic view point equipped at this altitude (165 m). Round rotating floor of the restaurant for 55 min. rotates 360 degrees. Vilnius and the surroundings could be seen within a radius of 50 km.

It is possible to organize in the restaurant a business meeting, celebration, cocktail parties, banquets, weddings and so on. 

Important details:

The price includes shuttle service to the place and back, table reservation, special menu consisting of several dishes, drinks (including alcoholic) and a dessert.

Minimum: 2 persons

Maximum: 20 persons

Availability: according to restaurant's hours of service

2-4 persons

60 euro per person

5-9 persons

55 euro per person

10 -15 persons

50 euro per person

16 -20 persons

48 euro per person

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