Yachting in Trakai


Trakai Castle is a Medieval residence of the princes of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania which is located on a small island in the majestic and picturesque lakes. Vilnius Relax Tour will book and rent a yacht for you and you'll be able to see the beauty of the landscapes and  the picturesque Trakai Castle having a great time with friends or enjoying the privacy of a loved one.

Important details:

The price includes shuttle service to the place and back, 1 hour of a yacht rental

Minimum persons: 2

Maximum persons: 18

Duration: 2 hours

2-6 persons

49/32/24/19/16 euro per person

7-12 persons

25/22/19/17 euro per person

13-15 persons

19 euro per person

16-18 persons

18 euro per person

Other activities in Trakai:

Horseback Riding in the Trakai National Park

Kibinai Workshop

Flight in a Hot Air Ballon above Vilnius or Trakai

Flight on a Light Aeroplane over the Lakes of Trakai

Extreme Motorbike Driving Lesson

Quad Biking

Villa Margis