Vilnius Military Weapons Shooting


Have you dreamed about military weapons shooting? Vilnius Relax Tour team makes these dreams a reality! We gladly offer you shooting from handguns Glock / Makarov / CZ75 / Colt / RONI (optional), shotgun Winchester, SKS soviet carbine and the famous Kalashnikov assault rifle!

Important details:
The price includes 15 pistol shots, 3 shortgun and carbine shots, 5 AK-47 shots, English-speaking guide and instructor service.

Minimum: 2 persons

Maximum: 20 persons

Duration: depending on the number of participants (30-180 min)

Hours of service: from 10am to 18pm

2-4 persons

39 euro per person

5-8 persons

36 euro per person

9-15 persons

34 euro per person

16 -20 persons

32 euro per person

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