Grutas Park Tour


If earlier the Soviet authorities deported unwanted citizens in the Gulag, then now the Soviet heritage is concentrated in a special reservation, "The Gulag" of the Soviet era, in the Park of the Soviet heritage in Grutas. It is a unique place, where monuments of the Soviet leaders are gathered. You may discover the Soviet city, which has cafes, a museum, a gallery of the Soviet art, a club, a zoo and an amusement park. Welcome to the Grutas Park Tour!

Important details:
The price includes shuttle service to Grutas and back, entrance to the park and excursion, accompaniment of English-speaking guide.

Minimum: 4 persons

Maximum: 16 persons

Duration: 6-7 hours (transfer - 4 hours)

4-8 persons

59/49 euro per person

9-12 persons

45 euro per person

13-16 persons

39 euro per person

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