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Vilnius Jewish Tour

In the 19th century, the Jewish community of Vilnius accounted for almost 30% of the total urban population. After World War II, this percentage was less than 1%. The rich and tragic history of the Jewish community is available as part of a thematic tour of Jewish Vilnius.

Why might this be of interest to you?

A large Jewish community has always lived in Vilnius. This community, like other peoples living in Vilnius, is forever imprinted in city history. After World War II, there were practically no Jews left in Vilnius. However, a huge legacy remains, and it deserves attention! The Vilnius Relax team will gladly introduce you to the history of the Jewish community of Vilnius!

What will we see during a tour of Jewish Vilnius?

– The main attractions of the Old Town;
– Jewish quarter;
– Tragic places that are associated with the Vilnius ghetto (Big and Small ghettos), as well as the place of the ghetto uprising;
– Jewish cultural center and shelter “Malina”;
– Jewish theater;
– Former Jewish pastry shop;
– Vilnius Choral Synagogue.

Note: in addition, you can visit 1) The State Jewish Museum of Vilnius Gaon; 2) Jewish cemetery (old and new); 3) Paneriai memorial, where Vilnius Jews died during the Holocaust; 4) The exposition at the Museum of Occupation (former Gestapo-NKVD-KGB prison), which is dedicated to the Holocaust.

How can you organize a tour?

Just fill out the application on the Vilnius Relax website and give us all organizational chores.

How much does a guided tour cost?

2-3 persons – 50/40 Eur/person;
4 persons – 35 Eur/person;
5-8 persons – 30/22 Eur/person;
9-15 persons – 20/12 Eur/person;
16-20 persons – 10 Eur/person;
21-25 persons – 7 Eur/person;
26-36 persons – 5 Eur/person;
37-45 persons – 4/3 Eur/person.

Important! Visiting some places may require a voluntary donation or entrance fees.

Additionally, you can order photo or video shooting services, as well as a shuttle service.

Traveling to Vilnius is a must in Lithuania. Discover the capital of Lithuania from new sides with us!




We will arrange a group or individual sightseeing tour of Vilnius. Vilnius Old Town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Take a trip to the open-air museum with us!


Vilnius courtyards are the hallmark of the Old Town. Together with us you can look into the most beautiful courtyards of Vilnius!


Vilnius old town is located on the hills and observation platforms are important city attractions. Visit the best viewpoints of Vilnius with us!

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