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Vilnius Wine Tasting Experiences

Are you planning a vacation in Lithuania? Do you know anything about Lithuanian wine? Probably not. Therefore, it’s time to discover this exclusive drink! Vilnius Wine Tasting introduce you to unique Lithuanian wines!

Why might this be of interest to you?

Until the 20th century, excellent varieties of local wine were constantly produced in Lithuania. However, tradition was interrupted, and only after many decades, gradually restored. Lithuanian wine is not a world leader but has its own regional exclusivity and uniqueness. Thanks to wine tasting together with a professional sommelier, you can taste the best varieties of Lithuanian wine. An excellent bonus will be that together with Lithuanian wine, the Vilnius Relax team will offer you various types of Lithuanian cheese!

What kind of Lithuanian wine will we taste?

We will organize for you not only traditional grape wines, but also a blackcurrant, strawberry, raspberry, dandelion wine. These are unique wines that you can find and try in few places.

Where does wine tasting takes place?

We organize tastings in one of the restaurants of modern Lithuanian cuisine, in the Old Town of Vilnius.

How to book Lithuanian wine tasting in Vilnius?

Tasting is possible both for individuals and groups. You just need to fill out the registration form on our website and we will take care of the remaining organizational issues.

How much does wine tasting cost?

2-4 persons – 55 Eur/person;
5-8 persons – 49 Eur/person;
9-15 persons – 45 Eur/person;
16-20 persons – 39 Eur/person.

Additionally, you can order the services of a guide, transfer, photo- and video shooting. In addition to wine, we can also arrange Lithuanian cheese tasting.

Take the unique opportunity of tasting Lithuanian wines to have a great weekend in Vilnius!


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Lithuanian cheese has always been one of the most delicious in our region. We invite you to a tasting of the legendary Lithuanian cheese “Dziugas”!


Traditional Lithuanian beer has been keeping its recipes since the 16th century. We will be happy to introduce you Lithuanian beers and organize a tasting for you in Vilnius!


Lithuania has always been famous for a wide variety of traditional drinks. We invite you to join the tasting of the Lithuanian mead - a strong Lithuanian traditional drink!

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