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Vilnius Tank Driving

In Lithuania, almost anyone can ride a tank, however, not in the city. Although the former mayor of Vilnius did it while struggling with improperly parked cars in the city, the Vilnius Relax team strongly discourages repeating this! We can offer you safe Vilnius tank driving and tank riding options.

Why might this be of interest to you?

Where else can you ride a tank? Military tank’s driving in Vilnius cannot be called ordinary entertainment. We have saved this unusual entertainment for those customers who appreciate an unusual experience or who want to organize a very unusual gift, or maybe even a party! If you are one of these people? You are at the right place!

Where should you go?

Vilnius Tank driving or riding experience is carried out outside Vilnius. A special tankodrome is 25 km away drive from the city.

Which model of tank will you ride?

It’s not exactly a tank. Riding is carried out on the British tracked armored personnel carrier FV432 (weighing 15 tons and a capacity of 240 horsepower), which went through its military service in Iraq as part of the British Army.

Do you need a special permit for tank driving?

You do not need special permissions. The activity includes service of a driving instructor.

How much does it cost to ride a tank?

The price is 55 Eur per person per 1000 meters of forest trail. Additionally in price included riding on Chevrolet (Blazer) M1008 and Volvo TGB20.

Can I drive a tank on my own as a driver?
Yes! The price will be 220 euros per person per 1000 meters of forest path.

If requested, we will additionally provide you with a transfer service, as well as photo or video services.

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Target shooting in Vilnius takes place at a special outdoor shooting range. You will be amazed at how exciting can be shooting in Vilnius!


  • 25 Sep 2023

    We were a group of 12 men that came for a ride on September 22nd 2023. What a great experience! It is in a closed driving range on a forest trail, with some human made “speed bumps” that really gives an authentic feeling on how it is being a crew member. The instructor speaks good english, he was funny, and he had a lot of knowledge about the different vehicles. It was like a history lesson, but very entertaining and interesting. I will really recommend this activity!

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