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Best Whiskey Bar in Vilnius

Choosing a bar in Vilnius is not always easy, but choosing a whiskey bar is much easier! We invite you to visit the best whiskey bar in the city. Correct, not just visit, but also try a thematic tasting in it! Vilnius whiskey tasting will consist of the best sorts of whiskeys, in a great atmosphere and with a professional sommelier!

Why might this be of interest to you?

Do you you always wanted to understand the whole variety of whiskeys? Perfect! We will help you. Vilnius whiskey tasting the best option to do it. The Vilnius Relax team will organize for you the best whiskey tasting in the capital of Lithuania. It will be the most atmospheric whiskey bar of Vilnius!

What is the best whiskey?

Everyone will be able to choose for himself which sort of whiskey he likes best. We can offer you several tasting scenarios, depending on your request:

“Whiskey from around the world”
We will select for you whiskey from different continents. This option is perfect for those who are convinced that whiskey is made only in Scotland or Ireland. We will destroy these stereotypes.

“The palette of tastes”
We will provide you with the widest possible range of tastes! It will be from sweet to smoked whiskeys. This option is perfect for those who want to feel the contrasts of tastes. After that you can choose best whiskey to your taste.

“A specific region”
Do you want to taste whiskey made in a specific country or region? That is no problem! We will gladly provide you with this opportunity. This option is suitable for those who are already versed in this drink and are a fan of a particular manufacture of whiskey.

Where whiskey tastings take place?

We organize tastings in one of the best whiskey bars of Vilnius. In the bar you can find about 300 varieties of whiskey and you can always continue your evening after tasting there.

How to book whiskey tasting in Vilnius?

Take 1 minute to fill out the registration form on our website, and we will take care of the remaining organizational issues.

How much does whiskey tasting cost?

4 persons – from 89 Eur/person;
5-8 persons – from 75/65 Eur/person;
9-20 persons – from 55 Eur/person.

Additionally, you can order the services of a guide, transfer, photo- and video shooting.

Vilnius bars are an important part of urban culture. If you came to Vilnius only for the weekend and are looking for new interesting places, then we invite you to the best whiskey bar to try different types of whiskey!


Our report from the whiskey tasting for portal.




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