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Coffee Tasting in Vilnius

Lithuania has one of the highest per capita coffee consumption in Europe. It is not surprising that in the capital of Lithuania they not only drink coffee, but also roast beans and organize coffee tastings. Vilnius Coffee Tasting will opened doors in the different coffee tastes for you!

Why might this be of interest to you?

If you like coffee the way we love it, then we are ready to invite you to a special coffee tasting. Coffee is one of the most complex foods we consume. With the help of local coffee masters, you will gain basic navigation and knowledge in the world of coffee aromas and flavors.

What types of coffee will we try?

We will taste up to 5 sorts of coffee from different regions of our planet. What kind of sorts? Fragrant and sour grains from Africa. Sweet and balanced varieties from America. Deep and exotic from Asia!

Where coffee tastings take place?

Tastings are held in one of the best cafes in Vilnius which specializes exclusively in coffee, and is also a supplier of coffee beans for the best restaurants in the city and a number of other Vilnius coffee shops.

How to book a coffee tasting in Vilnius?

Gather a company of friends, take 1 minute to fill out the registration form on our website, and we will take care of the remaining organizational issues.

How much does coffee tasting cost?

4 persons – 69 Eur/person;
5-8 persons – 55/39 Eur/person;
9-15 persons – 29 Eur/person.

Additionally, you can order the services of a guide, transfer, photo- and video shooting.

Spend a great weekend in Vilnius with a cup of delicious coffee!




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