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Rally racing in Lithuania

Do you want to spend an unforgettable vacation in Lithuania? Then this extreme option is right for you! We will organize for you exclusive Rally Racing with Lithuanian champions!

Why might this be of interest to you?

Where else can professional rally racers ride you? Practically nowhere. Moreover, you will have a unique and exclusive opportunity not only to ride with the Lithuanian champions, but also to drive these frisky and powerful cars!

Where rally racing in Lithuania takes place?

We organize off road races in several places in Lithuania. Most often these are the neighborhoods of Kaunas and Ukmerge.

How can you ride a rally car in Lithuania?

This is not easy, but we can help! This activity is very exclusive and requires preparation. The Vilnius Relax team will help you organize a rally race in Lithuania and will take care of all coordination issues. You just have to get a shot of adrenaline!

How much rally races cost?

The price of such cross-country trips is 189 Eur per person.

Additionally, we can arrange transfer, photo or video services, as well as organize a picnic or barbecue outdoors.

Rally racing in Lithuania is one of the most extreme activities available in the country. Don’t miss this exclusive opportunity and enjoy an unforgettable vacation in Lithuania!




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