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Vilnius Rasos Cemetery Tour

The Rasos Cemetery is the oldest (since 1801) necropolis in the city. Here you can find the venerable university professors, artists, doctors and other public figures of the XIX – XX centuries are buried. Vilnius Cemetery Tour is perfect option to see the uniq city attraction.

Why might this be of interest to you?

If you are interested in the history of Vilnius and Lithuania, then you should visit this truly unique place that combines the history of Lithuania, Belarus and Poland. If you are simply a fan of dark tourism, then this is the most picturesque cemetery that you can find in Vilnius to visit!

What will you see during Vilnius Rasos Cemetery Tour?

The cemetery is characterized by a variety of tombstones and unique epitaphs. Famous public and political figures, writers, poets and other intellectuals of Lithuania, Belarus and Poland are buried in the cemetery.

Important! We also arrange guided tours of the Rasos cemetery in the evening/night!

How to book Vilnius Rasos Cemetery Tour?

Fill out an application form on the Vilnius Relax website and provide all organizational chores to us!

How much does Vilnius Rasos Cemetery Tour costs?

Price – 150 EUR (2 h, 15 persons max).

Important! Evening/night guided tour is negotiated additionally.

Additionally, you can order photo or video shooting services, as well as a shuttle service.

If you are looking for the most interesting places in Vilnius, then the Rasos cemetery should definitely be on your list!

Tourist portal recommends our tour, as one of the most unusual in Vilnius! Find out more.




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