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Soviet Vilnius Guided Walking Tour

Lithuania was the first to leave the USSR. At the same time Vilnius still has a large number of objects that are associated with the Soviet past of Lithuania. Get to know Lithuania’s Soviet history with the Vilnius Relax team! Welcome to Soviet Vilnius Tour!

Why might this be of interest to you?

A excursion of the Soviet heritage in Vilnius covers a very extensive topic. We will touch large number of issues of history, culture, politics and social life. We have prepared for you the most complete tour that will allow you to get acquainted with the Soviet heritage of Vilnius. Also we can offer a flexible structure of the tour, when you can choose what do you want to visit.

What will we see during a Soviet Vilnius Tour?

We have several options for this tour. First option is walking tour where you can visit the KGB Museum. Also in this option you get acquainted with Soviet history, culture and architecture located near Vilnius Old Town. Second option is to take a transfer. We can visit places of mass graves of Soviet political prisoners (Tuskulenai) additionally. Also we can visit the Vilnius television center, where the tragic events on January 13, 1991. Do you want more? No problem! We can visit residential districts of Vilnius and other places remotes from the Old Town, for example.

How can you organize Vilnius Soviet Tour?
It is very easy! Fill out the registration form on our website. Indicate there what you would like to see. After that we will organize everything for you.

How much does Vilnius Soviet Tour cost?

Excursion price with 2 museum visited – 190 EUR (4 h., until 25 persons).

Additionally, you can order photo or video services, as well as a transfer service.

Do not miss the opportunity to see the most interesting places of Vilnius! Your vacation in Lithuania will be more attractive!

The tour entered the TOP-7 of the most interesting tours in Vilnius according to the version of the main tourist portal of Belarus!

Special reports of the main tourist portal of Belarus about the Museum of Genocide Victims and the Tuskulenai Memorial Park with the support of the Vilnius Relax Tour team!




After the fall of the Soviet regime in Lithuania, a large number of monuments of the Soviet era remained. Many of them were gathered in one place called Grutas Park that turned into a reservation of the Soviet era.


"Chernobyl" is a famous series of the channel "HBO". Shooting of this series took place in many locations of Vilnius. We invite you on an exciting journey through the filming locations of this series!


Like any medieval city, Vilnius has many secrets! We will reveal to you some of the secrets of Vilnius as part of a unique tour of the mysterious places of the Lithuanian capital.

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